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My Grandma was a Southern Soul Food Queen! Friends and family would always tell her she needed to open a restaurant but she never got around to it. 

I remember Grandma used to talk about how her Mom cooked the best food she ever tasted...I felt the same way about her.

Grandma didn't cook from a recipe so in order to learn how she cooked I spent countless hours watching, listening & learning. We did quite a bit of laughing and enjoying each others company too.

Over the years I have also received compliments on my cooking. Too many times it has been said I should sell my food. So I have embarked on this journey beginning with this sweet potato seasoning blend. I hope you enjoy it.

Remember it's not good if it's not made with love!

**New Sweet Potato Pie Mix**

We've been asked & told numerous times to make a pie mix. Sooo...

Here it is our NEW Sweet Potato Pie Mix!

It's easy...as pie!:)

Sweet Potato Pie Mix

$6.99 each

Make or Buy a pie crust. Cook sweet potatoes according to the package. Add the pie mix, butter and an egg. Bake it and voila! You have a great tasting homemade pie!!!

One pouch makes one 9.5" homemade or 2 store bought pie(s)

Sweet Potato Seasoning

 Sweetpotatoes are an easy healthy side dish. They're not just for the holidays!

Boil potatoes with or without peeling them( I peel them 1st). Drain water from the potatoes(remove skins if not already removed), mash potatoes, add seasoning & butter. Stir & Serve.

Sweet Potato Seasoning

$3.99 each

One pouch of sugar & spice will season 3lbs of sweet potatoes. This blend can also be used for candied yams or sweet potato pie.

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